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Yoga Therapy – Yoga for Reintegration

You don’t have to be strong, flexible, young, or in-shape to do Yoga for Reintegration!

What is it?

Yoga views the human system through a multidimensional model that includes all aspects of body, breathing, mind, behavior and emotions, and their mutual interactions. Yoga Therapy is the application and teaching of yoga practices in a therapeutic context to support health and wellbeing through a consistent daily yoga practice.

The goals of Yoga Therapy include

  • Eliminating, reducing, or managing symptoms that cause suffering
  • Improving function
  • Helping to prevent the underlying causes of illness, such as stress, lack of energy and anxiety
  • Moving toward improved health and wellbeing


How does it work?

Yoga Therapy starts with an individual consultation assessing your current health and wellbeing. Any issue will be considered based on the yoga perspective. Together we will set priorities and treatment strategies. Then, your Yoga Therapy Program will be developed and implemented, which may include customized movements, breathing techniques, and dietary and lifestyle advice.

75-90 minute initial assessment

We will ascertain your needs and assess any condition or imbalance in your body before prescribing your Yoga Therapy Program.

60 minute follow-up sessions

Through continued support, we will optimize your yoga practice, promote safe progression and support your present needs.


Call or email for a free phone consult to see if Yoga Therapy is for you.

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Initial assessment –  $100

Follow-up sessions – $80 each