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Corporate Services

Our workshops utilize a hands on approach to learning.

Corporate Services

Stress Management Workshops
  • Self care and self knowledge for managing stress
  • How to mange stress levels
  • How to develop the ability to bring yourself to a relaxed state
  • Simple tools and techniques you can use at home and work
Healthy Lifestyle Workshops
  • Transition from unsupportive habits to new supportive habits
  • Develop positive habits to impact overall health and well – being
  • Develop a positive lifestyle
  • Develop the support needed to make lifestyle change


Example Workshop Topics

Warning:  The way you breath could effect you health

Learn the correct techniques on how to breath to reduce stress, improve metabolism, prevent back and neck pain and improve posture.

How to Move Without Pain

How to Be a Smart Eater in a World of Dumb Diets

How to be a Fat Burning Machine — The Ultimate Guide:  TEF & HII

The Laws of Conquering Low Back Pain

Why your knee pain is not your knee’s fault

Learn the common mistakes that Doctors and physical therapists make in treating your knee. How to improve or get rid of knee pain, once and for all.

How to Strengthen The Butt While Waiting in Line At The Store ( And Why you should care)

4 Postural Mistakes That Make You Look Like a Neanderthal

Do You Make These 10 Running Mistakes?

1.Breathing  2.Choice of Shoes  3.Technique  4.Stride Length  5. Posture  6.Warm Up/ Cool Down  7.Mobility & Flexibility  8.Hydration  9.Environment  10.Progression

Secrets of a Good Golfer:

Improve your game by improving your body’s performance. Learn why traditional strength training and flexibility exercises aren’t giving you an advantage on the golf course. Learn how a good golf swing starts from the feet and how the ankles effect every thing up the chain of the body.

Weekend Warrior’s Secret Sauce For High Performance:

Learn mobility and stability drills to enhance your body’s mechanics and efficiency for all sports.  Participants will interact and take home specific exercises they can do before and after playing to enhance their game and prevent unwanted injuries.  These are NOT your typical exercises.  A volunteer is needed for a quick mobility assessment.

WTF?!!!! ….. ( What the …. Fascial?)

Do you have a pain in your butt; front of your knee; think you have carpel tunnel syndrome; general aches and pains?  This lunch and learn will provide tennis balls, and foam rollers to participants and teach them how to see immediate results from trigger point release.  Fascial release will be demonstrated on a few volunteers.