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Golf Performance Program

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The Nike Golf Performance Program is based on how your body moves all the way from the ankle to the neck in your golf swing. If it doesn’t look like golf, smell like golf, or feel like golf, it probably won’t help your body’s performance level in playing golf. Look at the professional golfers you know who do workout regularly to stay in shape for their game and still end up with major injuries requiring surgery.

This program is not your typical strength golf program that uses exercises that don’t look like or move your body like a golf swing. Better Bodies is certified through the Nike Golf Performance Specialist program. The program’s performance analysis and training techniques are guided by logical strategies derived from the Applied Functional Science principles of human movement.

The strategy and purpose of NG360 GPS are what drive the techniques of performance analysis and performance training to improve the athlete for success.

This Program includes:

3D Analysis

  • 3D swing analysis
  • 3D Transformational zone analysis
  • 3D motion/stability analysis


3D Training

  • 3D flexibility/mobility training
  • 3D stability/balance training
  • 3D strength /power training
  • 3Dspeed /reaction training
  • 3Dagility/coordination training
  • 3D fundamentals/skills training
  • 3D endurance /sustainability training
  • 3D resiliency’adaptability training
  • 3D recovery/restoration training


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