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Myofascial Release

Myofascial release relieves pain by loosening muscles and relaxing nerves. It results in better flexibility and a more positive outlook. Best of all, it can be done by you, and we teach you to do it.

The myofascial system is a webbed matrix of connective tissue known as fascia that runs throughout the entire body.  The matrix crisscrosses from head to toe running through deep and superficial tissue.  Fascia is responsible for complementing whole body movement patterns, redirecting stress, and providing dynamic stability.


Trigger Point release is the use of deep compression to work out adhesions within the myofascial matrix brought on by movement.  Myofascial release can be done with your hands or with a tool. i.e. foam roll, lacross ball, tennis ball, PVC pipe, or any other round or cylindrical object that can be used to roll a particular area of the body.

The density of the tool used will determine how intense the massage is and the size will determine the surface area.  Also what area of the body you are working on will determine what tool you use.  For example, if you choose to use self massage in your sternocleidomastoid muscles you would want to choose a softer object like a tennis ball, yoga ball, or your hands.  Larger muscles like the back muscles or leg muscles can be attacked with a roller of any size of density.  Remember that beginners should start with a less dense object and work their way up to a denser object in the future.


With repetitive movement the myofascial system forms knots that restrict movement, misalign our segments, and cause pain.  Loss of function in one joint can lead to loss of function in surrounding joints.  With time these misalignments lead to restricted movement which makes our bodies work inefficiently resulting in fatigue and higher risk of injury.


Before, during, or after exercise.


-Alters/improves muscle control
-Relaxes nerves
-Loosens muscles
-Increases blood flow
-Aids in recovery


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