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Lighter Body & Stronger Mind Program

Why Lose Weight?The man and the woman run together on a sunset on lake coast

Do you find yourself tired of feeling tired, joints hurting, waist band digging into your middle and dreading clothes shopping knowing you might have to go up yet another size?

Do you run anymore? Could you get down and up off the floor easily? Could you go for a long hike, enjoy playing with children/grandchildren, easily climb stairs? Maybe you’ve been told by a health care professional that your high blood pressure and high LDL cholesterol is putting you at risk for stroke and heart attack.

Blood sugar up? Could you be at risk for diabetes or, have already developed adult onset diabetes? Is this the life you want to lead or, do you want to improve your chances of being around years longer, (feeling great, being healthy and getting back to the physical activities you use to enjoy)?

Things To Consider

Why can’t I get motivated to lose weight or stay on track making healthy choices? Why do I self sabotage? At Better Bodies, we want you to feel like you have a partner and friend while discovering the answers to these questions. You will learn how to make better choices and be coached through the process.

Exercise should be fun or why would you want to do it, right? Let us show you how to exercise the right way, with out boring machines and a boring program. Your program is based on your needs and your body. You should leave feeling better and more confident every time you work with us, than when you first walked in the door. 

How Will I Know This Is Working?

By making the correct food choices you will increase your chance of losing weight by 90%. By exercising consistently your chance of keeping the weight off increases by 90%.

Together, we will measure your success weekly. Accountability and strategies for change will give you the tools you need to realistically meet your goal through these small measured steps. All you need to do is feel like you are ready to change and that you REALLY want to change. We REALLY want you to succeed.

 We’d love to hear from you and be your coach.

  • Fit and strong
  • At your ideal weight
  • Healthy eating
  • High energy
  • Robust health
  • Fully engaged and satisfied with life
How does it work?
  • Commit to 3 months to see optimal results.
  •  Program based on muscular balance, body composition, and fitness assessment; Dietary strategies; Wellness Coaching.
  •  Follow up assessment every 30 days.

Our Wellness Coach will help you master health and well-being and make changes that last, becoming a better manager of your personal health, investing daily in your health bank account, increasing your life satisfaction, and building reserves of energy, resilience and connection. Our Wellness coach will ask you to take charge and guide you in doing mindful thinking and work that builds confidence. Together you will set realistic goals (small victories lay the foundation for self-efficacy), address mental and physical health together, and define a higher purpose for wellness. You will uncover your natural impulse to be well, and harness the strengths that you need to overcome your obstacles.

3 Month Program includes:
  •  60 minutes initial Fitness assessment
  • 3 times per week 30 minute Personal Training sessions (35 session in 3 months)
  • 90 minutes Health Coaching- Wellness Plan, 3 month and 1st week goals setting
  • 5 follow-up Health Coaching 30 minute sessions (2 weeks apart)
  • 2 Fitness reassessments (30min)

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