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Wellness and Fitness Consultation


You would like to have a certified professional advisor assisting you to reach your personal goals, fitness goal or improve lifestyle. The Wellness and Fitness Consultations are ideal for those who have advanced to the point of no longer needing constant one-on-one attention or those who can’t meet on regular basis. You can get a consultation in any area of our expertise, such as weight loss, fitness program, yoga, wellness coaching, pain free movement, restore function.



  • Get a personalized Fitness Program prescription designed for you
  • Know the direction to take to improve fitness performance or function
  • Discover strategies that work for your own nutrition or exercise goals
  • Receive guidance about your own nutrition or exercise dilemmas or problems
  • Obtain guidance to work on the area you want to improve


 How does it work?

You just have to contact us and set up an appointment for your 5 consultations.

Option I: 1, 60 minutes consultation and 4, 50 min. sessions.

Option II: 1, 90 minutes consultation and 4, 50 min. sessions.


Sessions’ Rate

Option I: $340.00

Option II: $390.00


Please contact us at 615.496.5208 or

* Membership joining fee waived for Better Bodies’ clients. If you decide not to be a member there is a guest fee of $8 per visit. More info: Wellness Center