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What Our Clients Say

We measure our success by what our clients say about the results they have in working with us and their overall experience. Our goal is for our clients to see meaningful health benefits from our exercise programs, and for us to have fun together.


                              Dr. Deborah Sherman


                              Wendy Young



In 1965, when I was eleven years old, I was told I had scoliosis of the spine and that I would wear a Milwaukee Brace for one year, have surgery after six months in the brace, and then wear a corset the following year.  During this time I did no exercise, no running, no playing, no horseback riding, no strength straining for these unused muscles.   Unaware of the damage weak muscles inflict, I lived life with back and hip pain.

Fast forward 48 years and I am in Nashville working with a Personal Trainer, Cynthia Vowell that has the time, expertise and the holistic view to look at the entire body.  During our first session Cynthia filmed me walking.  During subsequent sessions we did various muscle testing and now Cynthia has successfully pinpointed the weak muscles in my hips, thighs and lower back and given me exercises to strengthen each of these areas.  I work out 3 times weekly and I feel stronger than I’ve felt in years.   Cynthia Vowell has totally changed my life.

Although I’ve worked with some of the best physical therapists and doctors in Nashville and thank each and every one of them, Cynthia has helped me as much, if not more, than any.  Since she is in the unique position that she is not confined to one specific area of the body she is able to see the whole person and how each and every muscle, bone and ligament are connected.

I would recommend Cynthia for anyone who wishes to get in better shape, someone who is recovering from surgery and needs to get stronger and everyone who wishes to know and understand their body better.  I am hooked on Cynthia Vowell at Better Bodies!!!

 Jackie W. Byrom


Over the past two years, Cynthia Vowell, of Better Bodies, has been my personal trainer. I cannot say enough good things about her.

I am 62 years old and have worked with several other trainers in the past. For one reason or another, none of them was able to help me to any significant extent. Cynthia has been the answer for me.

She is dependable and brings a positive attitude to every session. She listened carefully
to what I wanted to achieve and structured just the right program and schedule to help
me be successful. Also, she is far more knowledgeable about the body and how it works
than any of the other people I’ve worked with – I sometimes think she knows more about
human anatomy than my doctor.

 George Bishop


Exercise is never easy and can be harmful if not performed with attention to detail, like proper body alignment.   Cynthia, who has been my trainer for 10 years make it enjoyable and safe.   I look forward to our sessions.   Her emphasis on Core Strength, Flexibility and Balance guarantees continued improvement.

 Maggie Fenelon


I have been a client for many years.  Cynthia has improved my overall health during that time. My balance, stamina, and strength have all improved over this period as I have reached my 70s.  She has been attentive to my overall health as she plans my workouts on training days and workouts and exercise programs when I’m not training with her. She has been particularly effective in planning and executing recuperative training from knee replacement surgery and specific breathing exercises and light exercise as I recuperated from pneumonia. Friendly, creative, knowledgeable and disciplined best describe Cynthia.   I always feel better after a workout with Cynthia.

Ralph Mosley


One of the most popular activities at St. Paul Senior Living Community is the exercise class. The reason? Adriana Hermel! Three times each week the room is filled with residents, responding to her skilled leadership and smiling countenance. She obviously knows exatly what we need to do to “keep moving”. In addition, she makes our exercise fun and something to look forward to. Adriana is the best!

Carolyn Modisher