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Class Schedule

Class Schedule

Class Suitable for Teacher Registration
8-9am Dance Fitness All levels Cynthia Vowell Monthly
5:30-6:30am Yoga for Function All levels Cynthia Vowell Ongoing
10:30-11:30am Yoga for Function All levels Cynthia Vowell Ongoing



Location        Saint Thomas West Wellness Center

Class description


Simple choreographed cardio moves set to all styles of music (Disco, Oldies, Classical, Jazz, Pop, Latin). First 30 minutes, move the body functionally, in all the planes of motion it was designed to move and have fun while you sweat. Last 30 minutes, ballet barre fused with strength work and flexibility. Come join us and leave feeling uplifted and worked out!

Yoga for Function

Class is accompanied by music and focuses on body alignment, strength, flexibility and balance. Students will learn the therapeutic benefits of linking movement with breath. The instructor will show modifications for each pose and for general health concerns. All levels welcome.

Yoga for Wellbeing

This yoga class aim to decrease stress level allowing balanced functioning of body systems and a calm state of mind. Participants are guided through movements and postures linked to their breathing, which help to warm up thoroughly, creating flexibility and strength. We combine various tools beyond the postures, such as breathing techniques and meditation. Individualized modifications will be offered as needed, encouraging the participants to always work within their comfortable range of motion. This class is suitable for individuals who are able to sit, stand and lie down independently. No previous experience is necessary.


Ongoing   classes:  Members: punch card $50 (5 classes), drop-in $12, Non-members: punch card $60 (5 classes), drop-in $15

Monthly: Monthly commitment is required for the Dance class with the payment due at the first of the month. Pro rated based on how many Tuesdays per month.    Members: $10 per class     Non-members: $12 per class    Drop in: $15